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Car Water Pump

Car Water Pump is not a lifelong item. What happen when water pump damage? Yes, your car engine will be overheated. When the Car Water Pump failed, it will not be able to circulate coolant through the engine block anymore.

When your Car Water Pump failed, this will results in an overheating situation and repair or replacement to be done as soon as possible. Delay in repair Car Water Pump will cause additional engine damage like crack cylinder heads, pushed head gaskets or burnt pistons.

Sensing any abnormality on your Car Water Pump? If that happen then seriously you need to have a quick fix in any way. The good news is that the cost was not that much. Anyway how do you know that your water pump is OK or BAD? You can have a simple test like below.

Car Water Pump impeller can wear out, thus no longer moving coolant around, so your car overheats. To test this, do a cold start with Radiator cap off. You should see the fluid moving around some in the radiator. If not, then there is a possibility that your internal Car Water Pump blades are gone or only a small amount left inside.

Car Water Pump
Honda civic water pump

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