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Why CP Piston & Ring Set Honda K20A/A2 88.0mm CR 11.5 is the best?

CP Piston & Ring Set Honda K20A/A2 Bore 88.0mm CR 11.5
CP Piston & Ring Set Honda K20A/A2 Bore 88.0mm CR 11.5

CP Piston & Ring Set Honda K20A/A2 Bore 88.0mm CR 11.5 has many benefits as an improvement or rectification. Over the years, the high performance engine K20A/A2 pistons may become less effective and deteriorate.

The piston ring may worn out. It will let the engine oil to seep through and enter the internal combustion chamber. The piston ring function is to seal a gab between piston and wall. The damage piston ring will burn the engine oil in the combustion chamber.

Due to this, the engine oil volume will be reduced fast although no leak is observed. There are few possibilities should this thing happen. The ’burn oil’ normally happen due to;

  1. Piston Ring worn out
  2. Valve seal and guide damage
  3. Too thin engine oil specs

The most possible cause possibly the worn out piston ring. High RPM mode driving will accelerate the damage. The blue or grey smoke represent the burning oil from combustion chamber. You may also experience lost of acceleration and poor engine performance.

CP Piston & Ring Set Honda K20A/A2 Bore 88.0mm CR 11.5 is the right answer to this problem for K20A/A2 engines. It is the high performance CP-Carrillo pistons and compatible with oversized valves and high lift camshafts.

The ending part number marked with ”X” represent the X style forging for additional strength, better durability and lesser weight. These special characteristic are meant for high compression performance NA engines.

The X style forging has a full radius dome design with high performance rings and light weight wrist pins. The CP Carrillo Pistons indeed give the highest for maximum applications.

This super heavy duty CP pistons can be purchased with:

  1. Heavy duty wrist pin
  2. Cometic head gasket
  3. King bearings
  4. Gas port
  5. Ceramic top coating
  6. Skirt coating

CP Piston & Ring Set Honda K20A/A2 Bore 88.0mm CR 11.5 is an excellence product that surpass competitors’ specifications. The advance engineering and design makes the CP Piston & Ring Set stand highest on class and quality. It comes with standard features;

  1. Deep valve reliefs accommodate high lift camshafts
  2. Larger valve reliefs for +1mm valve sizes
  3. Custom skirt cam and barrel design
  4. Accumulator grooves
  5. High strength aluminum forgings
  6. High performance rings
  7. Fully CNC machined and balanced to +/- 1 gram; Wrist pins included at no additional cost
  8. Double pin oilers force fed from oil ring groove
  9. Pin lock grooves for easy lock removal
  10. Pin fitting included

Engaging with high performance K20A/A2 engine is quite challenging. The challenge comes from balancing a moderate/ economic style drive versus enjoying the VTEC mode.

As the time pass by, the excellence K20A/A2 engines with continuous high rev driving mode require a good inspection and overhaul. A thorough inspection to be conducted when the phenomenon of ”burn oil” happen.

It is worth enough to have this CP Carillo Piston & Ring Set as an improvement or replacement set. The prestige and exceptional quality from this aftermarket auto parts really matters, of course with the best competitive price offered.

Procure Link: CP Piston & Ring Set Honda K20A/A2 Bore 88.0mm CR 11.5

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