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11 High Performance HKS Capacity Upgrade/ Stroker Kit

High Performance HKS Capacity Upgrade/ Stroker Kit- Racing Specs
High Performance HKS Capacity Upgrade/ Stroker Kit- Racing Specs

High Performance HKS Capacity Upgrade/ Stroker Kit- Racing Specs offered by HKS for the high performance high power enthusiasts. A normal engine capacity and capability set up will not satisfy the high performance and high torque fans.

HKS understand this serious demand and come out with series of excellent capacity upgrade kit for various high performance engines.

High Performance HKS Capacity Upgrade/ Stroker Kit- Racing Specs produced higher torque than stocks because of the increase in the volume from stroke displacement.

The highest quality material were used together with cutting-edge machining techniques. This excellence HKS Capacity Upgrade Kit is reliable and durable for the highest level of tuning program.

High Performance HKS Capacity Upgrade/ Stroker Kit- Racing Specs pistons mostly made from nickel coated with superior anti knocking properties.

Together with this are fully counterweight crankshafts and the high strength high performance connecting rods. This excellent combination provide the best medium to extract maximum power and torque.

High Performance HKS Capacity Upgrade/ Stroker Kit- Racing Specs are available for various high performance engines. These kits are engineered to tailored to the specific engine requirements.

Listed below are 11 influential kits for your easy reference and consideration;

The 4G63 2.3L Kit- Step 1: 1997.4CC to 2204.7CC displacement/Bench test 500PS@ 7000RPM/ Molybdenum coated piston skirt-reduce friction and give better fitness/ Piston diameter 0.5mm oversize/ Light weight crankshaft/ new design H beam connecting rod/ require cylinder boring& honing for 0.5mm oversize pistons. Step 2 4G63: Capacity Upgrade Kit based on feedback from the “Carbon EVO” CT230R.

The EJ20 2.2L Kit-1994.3CC to 2123.5CC/ 75mm to 79mm stroke/ mid speed range torque improvement/ require recess modification for cylinder block and connecting rods (can use stock).

The RB26DETT 2.8L Kit- More low to mid RPM torque/ Step 0 Allowable RPM: Approx. 8500rpm Max Output: Approx. 441kW (600ps)/ Step 1 Allowable RPM: Approx. 9000rpm Max Output: Approx. 588kW (800ps)/ Step 2 Allowable RPM: Approx. 8000rpm Max Output: Approx. 404kW (550ps).

The RB26DETT 2.8L Kit Step 3– 2568CC to 2771CC displacement/ Allowable RPM 9000 from 7600(stock)/ Stroke 77.7mm from 73.7mm (stock)/ Piston weight 324g made from A2628 alloy/ double layer MOLYBDEN coating/ shorter piston pin/ full counter crankshaft- iron plasma nitriding steel for strength/ connecting rods- H beam machined from nickel chromium steel SNCM compatible with 22mm dia pin/ WPC treatment to increase fatigue limit.

The RB26DETT 2.8L Kit High Response– 324g piston weight/ Lightweight A2618 aluminum alloy billet piston-high temp strength/ Lightweight billet part design/ short piston pit/ 22mm dia pin with improve torsion rigidity/ billet full counter crankshaft/ max output 700HP/ Nickel Chrome Steel Billet H-Beam Connecting Rods/ WPC treatment.

The SR20DET 2.2L Kit– Low to mid RPM/ high output/ low friction/ Displacement 1998CC stock 86mm bore, 2139CC Step 1 86.5mm bore, 2164CC Step 2 87mm bore/ Nickel plated Ober coating piston/ Ti coating top ring/ require recess modification for baffle plate and cylinder block.

The 4B11 2.2L Kit– Race specs/ achieve 580PS 72kgm with HKS GT3240 Full Turbine Kit/ displacement 1998CC to 2139CC/ 86mm bore, 86mm stroke stock TO 86.5mm bore, 91mm stroke 2.2L kit/ connecting rods- SCM + Cariburized quenching, I-beam Forged Cranking/ crankshaft- SCM Material + Isonite 
(Tufftride) Forged Full Counter/ outperform all 2.0L spec for all RPM range.

The FA20 2.1L Kit– Exceed stock in the whole power range/ high performance specs up to 550PS@ 50kgfm/ total upgrade kit/ same with stock bore size to maintain engine block strength/ 86mm stroke TO 90mm stroke/ displacement 1998.2CC TO 2091.2CC.

The FA20 2.1L Kit (Low Comp)– For high boost tuning/ high durable low compression pistons/ pistons- cavity designed in piston crown to optimize the atomization of fuel during injection/ recess piston to match HKS high lift camshaft, molybdenum coated pistons to reduce friction/ use cracked Connecting Rods for long stroke, strength analysis to optimize thickness and weight with 30% improve strength, use I beam shape to increase buckling strength/ strong shot peening treatment to increase fatigue strength and toughness/ 90mm crankshaft stroke use Bespoke pin journal size.

The 2JZ-GTE 3.4L Kit-Drag racing philosophy/ possible to 1000PS power level/ nickel plated piston-anti knocking/ H beam connecting rods/ billet full counterweight crankshaft/ 2997.3CC, 86mm stroke, 86mm bore diameter stock TO 3352.8CC, 94mm stroke, 87mm bore diameter/ recess modification as per individual cylinder block requirement.

The VR38DETT 4.3L Kit– Design features: Higher torque- allowable torque 150kgm/ Low vibration-same as stock/ Longer stroke- 99mm (the world’s longest)

HKS did an excellent job by producing among the greatest capacity upgrade/ stroker kit. Vast experience in automotive and coupled up with genuine track data enabled HKS as the leading roles for the high performance capacity upgrade/ stroker kit technology.

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