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Why your car won’t start? A failed Car Fuel Pump?

Why your car won’t start? A failed fuel pump? Possibly 3 common things to look at:

  1. Battery
  2. Distributor problems
  3. Car Fuel pump not working

It was quite easy to check no. 1. Should jumping the battery won’t solve the problem then just go to number 2. For the distributor, you need to open and see and test for the spark while starting the engine. A bit difficult compare to no. 1. If no spark plug then maybe spark plug was kaput. If there is spark then possibly the distributor is the problem.

If the distributor and plugs are OK then you need to check the car fuel pump. It was easy to know either your car fuel pump is OK or not. You just need to click half way your key at the ignition port and hear the sound from your fuel pump that normally beneath the back seat. If your hear the wheezing sound then the pump is good. If not then maybe the fuel pump is not function.

In few cases, Car Fuel Pump is the one that damage. Car Fuel Pump is an important element in a car. Without it then the car won’t start as no fuel will be pumped into the engine. Why your car fuel pump fail? There most be reasons why it fail, of course when time approach.

Various OEM fuel pump replacement here

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